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Collection: Four Marys

Four Marys - four unique expressions

Our Four Marys® Gin project has been created to complement our Premium London Dry Gin, LinGin®, by using unusual botanicals mixed with traditional ones to give bold flavours and mouthfeels.

Mary Queen of Scots was born in Linlithgow in Palace in 1542.  A lesser-known fact is that she had 4 ladies in waiting and they were all called Mary!  Talented and loyal, they attended Mary with flair and character and they have been the inspiration for this series of expressions. 

Each expression has a unique recipe that reflects the character of the Mary it is named after.  The first part of the name reflects the character of Each Mary and the second part the taste/flavour of the Gin.

The bottle is square and tapered with each label uniquely designed to reflect the brand with a specially commissioned illustration of each Mary. Each illustration shows the Mary holding something specific to the Gin or the Mary's story. As an example Forever Fresh sees Mary Seton holding a key as she was instrumental in helping Queen Mary to escape incarceration from Loch Leven (the key). After Queen Mary's death, she returned to France and become a Nun. To reflect that she changed her live from being a Lady in Waiting to a Nun, Forever Fresh is changes colour from blue to pink when tonic is added.

Complex but natural flavours through distillation means each of the Marys hold a secret you can only find by tasting.

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